•    To disseminate knowledge about the history of the development of winemaking and the wine trade as components of world agriculture and economy, to help expand the horizons of consumers, the interpenetration of cultures embodied in the art of winemaking of different countries.
•    Using its accumulated competencies, take leading positions among Russian importers and distributors of alcoholic beverages in all categories.
•    To have a reputation as a proven and competent partner in the international market, capable of working with both well-known brands and products that require individual sales skills.
•    To be a reliable supplier of decent and high-quality alcoholic beverages available to a wide consumer, thanks to a balanced choice of purchased products and a reasonable pricing policy.

•   Build an educated and responsible consumer market by helping potential customers to understand the fact that “best” does not necessarily mean “expensive” and wine consumption is not an exclusive or status event.
•    To disseminate the reasonable model, i.e. socially and individually safe use of good-quality alcoholic beverages. Expand the choice of the consumer within the framework of existing opportunities and help make it.


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