Sommelier school

For more than 20 years of work, we have collected a serious baggage of knowledge about wine, spirits, their peculiarities production and aging, transportation and storage, their rules for serving and combining with food.
We love to share knowledge and that's why we opened the Marex Education direction, within which:
  • We conduct master classes and seminars for our partners and clients
  • We tell about the news of the wine world
  • We record educational videos with our partners - talented winemakers and sommeliers.
A special direction of our project is the Marex sommelier school.
  1. We have gathered the best teachers under its roof
  2. We conduct courses for professionals and amateurs
  3. We have mastered various forms of training: there is a day group, an evening group, a weekend group, express courses.
  4. Our graduates successfully work not only in St. Petersburg restaurants, but also in many others large cities of Russia

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